It is imperative to take care of your body and mind, therefore, we offer a variety of recreational activities such as: sauna, jacuzzi, hot tub, spa.


For those who seek restoring their mind and body we offer one of our recreational activities. You will have a chance to visit sauna, newly built and able to fit up to 10 people at a time. We will make sure that you would be able to taste different sauna traditions with essential oils that are beneficial for breathing. Scrubbing you hot skin with honey which softens and restores the vitality of your skin and many more ways to enjoy this popular form of relaxations.


For those who prefer fresh and cool air we offer to try out our hot tub that sits just right outside Skrablas on a sandy beach with Baltic sea at the tip of your fingers! Here you can observe an amazing sunset and enjoy a pleasant warmth all at the same time! To top it off you can have a relaxing dip in a Jacuzzi and feel your body recovering as a strong jet stream of water massages your body. All these activities are open for all of our guests so do not hesitate and try them out with friends, family or colleagues.

  • Sauna

    Price from :

    20 €
  • Jacuzzi

    Price from :

    50 €
  • Hot tub

    Price from :

    70 €