About Us

The “Skrablas” Guest House is located on the Baltic Sea, the coastline of which is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Small and clean sandy beaches, white dunes, pine forests. Latvia’s Nida is a former Curonian fisherman’s village. To this day, it has retained its authenticity. In these environs, there are plenty of untouched natural areas of civilization, in which visitors can discover not only a peace of mind, but also plunge into adventurous hikes after unseen places of beauty. In written sources Nida village was first mentioned in 1561m. Most coastal and urban populations are fishing. This village is located in the spectacular beauty of the Pape’s Nature Park, which is located between the Latvian and Lithuanian borders, the Rucava and Nyca counties of Liepaja district. Officially this nature park was created in 2004. The park consists of a unique mosaic of various ecosystems: natural lakes, creeks and wetlands, peat bogs with transitional swamps, sandy beaches and traveling dunes, dry and humid coastal forests, flooded meadows with their flora and fauna communities. Here you can find over 40 different species of the crayfish, most of which are included in the Red Latvian book. 15 of these species are considered extremely rare. 20 species of caviar can only be found in this Rucava region. On the shore of Lake Papes there is a possibility to observe wild horses, trunks, and migratory birds from a specially built tower. Pape lake is considered one of the best places to watch birds in Europe during their migration. In the autumn and spring, thousands of migratory birds travel between Lake Pape and the Baltic Sea (the Baltic Birds’ White Sea). There are 277 bird species around the lake. Here you can see the patch towards the mouth of the river and the stream – Ligupe Kalnishky. The park can be seen on foot, by boat or by bike, and only with guide escort. You will enjoy stories about the formation of nature’s beauty and history. This is a story about how the landscape is being created, acting on it for various natural processes (water, fire, wind). This nature park is protected by the Natura 2000 site system in Latvia and one of Europe’s protected areas. This project focuses on preserving rare, threatened species and habitats that are protected by the CE Directives.
The nature diversity in park “Pape” is included in the list of important and protected European territories.
A guest house in Pape is a great place for those who like long walks on the seafront and enjoy being surrounded by nature, with like-minded people or those who want solitude. Such an environment cannot be left unseen, because the green-colored sea and white sandy beaches in this area are really impressive and are tempting to explore on hot summer days. But this corner is wonderful not only in summer, spring, autumn, but also in winter! It does not matter if the outside is cold, it is important to warm up, make hot tea in the thermos and enjoy the beauty of this park!
The residents of Skrablas guest house can relax on the sunny beaches, the active rest seekers discover a wide range of activities and entertainment, the intact nature seekers and nature buddies enjoy the spectacular and unique seaside landscape. The fans of cultural and historical traditions find the most interesting museums, visit the ancient fishing villages and learn about the rich history of this region.
The Skrablas guest house is a real refreshment from the everyday and urban noise, an escape from everyday life. Come to relax, live, regain strength and enjoy the sunshine on the beach of Latvia.